2000: Faust: Faust / So Far

Combines the first two albums, Faust and So Far


2000CDCollectors ChoiceWWCCM0179x
Possibly a bootleg


Released: 2000
Recorded: 1971-1973
Werner DiermaierDrumsaka. Zappi
Engineer: Kurt Graupner
Hans-Joachim IrmlerOrgan
Producer: Uwe Nettelbeck
Jean-Hervé PéronBass
Rudolf SosnaGuitar and Keyboards
Gunter WüsthoffSynthesiser and Sax


Faust / Clear

click to play...Why Don't You Eat Carrots?9.31
click to play...Meadow Meal8.02
*Miss Fortune **16.35

So Far

click to play...It's A Rainy Day (Sunshine Girl) **7.21
  (aka Rainy Day, Ice Rain, Stretch Over All Times, Rainy Day, Rainy Day, Rainy Day II, Rainy Day Sunshine Girl) 
click to play...On The Way To Abamae2.42
  (aka Abamae, Abamae II) 
*No Harm10.09
*So Far6.12
  (aka Not Nearest By, So Far (alternative), Waiting for Eternity) 
click to play...Mamie Is Blue5.55
  (aka Baby is Blue, Baby is Blue) 
*I've Got My Car And My TV3.42
  (aka Car and TV) 
*Picnic On A Frozen River0.36
  (aka Picnic On A Frozen River (Deuxieme Tableaux)) 
*Me Lack Space0.36
*...In The Spirit **2.59




Why Don't You Eat Carrots?

I can't get no satisfaction
all you need is love

slow goes the goose
you see me shoes in your mirror mind
quick goes the trick
I ask your sick sailing sailors blind
I travel into the tongue
ready to drop   ding dong is handsome top 
(Faust / all)findest du das angenehm ? 
(Arnulf) zum überleben reicht das schon
(Faust) du hast dich auch verändert in den letzten Jahren!
(Arnulf) findest du ? 
(Faust) warum bloss? warscheinlich...nae...aber...warum isst du
(Faust) dann nicht Mohrrueben? 
(Arnulf) ja, das waere wirklich schön
(Faust) wollen wir das machen? 
(Arnulf) ja 
(Faust) willst du runter steigen ?
(Faust / all)do you find that pleasant?
(Arnulf) it's enough to survive
(Faust) you've changed in the past few years, too!
(Arnulf) you think so?
(Faust) why then? probably...well...
(Faust) but...why don't you eat carrots?
(Arnulf) yes, that'd be really nice
(Faust) shall we do it?
(Arnulf) yes
(Faust) do you want to climb down?

Meadow Meal

Me is a meadow meal
and the guess I get it
and the gate I get it
and the game I get it
a wonderful wooden reason
to stand in line keep in line
line up
crash the sound
you lose your hand
to understand
the accident is red

you are a fruit fork
and the money you look up
and the madame you look up
and the middle you look up
a wonderful wooden reason
to stand in line keep in line
line up
crash the sound
you lose your hand
to understand
the accident is red

Miss Fortune

Are we supposed to be or not to be?
said the angel to the Queen
I lift up my skirt and Voltaire turns
as he speaks, his mouth full of garlic
white, yes, white
misfortune of us two
he told you to be free
and you obeyed
we have to decide which is important
a war we never see
or a street so black babies die?
a system and a theory
or our wish to be free?
to organise and analyse
and at the end realise
that knowbody knows
if it really happened

It's A Rainy Day (Sunshine Girl)

It's a rainy day, sunshine girl
it's a rainy day, sunshine baby

No Harm

Daddy! Take the banana!
Tommorrow is Sunday!

Mamie Is Blue

Mamie is blue
daddy is blue
and mamie is blue
and daddy is blue
and mamie is you
and mamie is you too
that's Kraut!

I've Got My Car And My TV

I've got my car and my TV
what should I care about you and your fun?
I know what to do and do so
my clean machine's dream is a colourful gun
what should I care about...
what should I care about you?
Yesterday noon at the tea time
we held three hands close to the other side
suddenly there was a red cloud
a finger come out and said
those guys are right
what would you say
if this would just happen to you

...In The Spirit

Me lack space in the spirit
the weekday is five stories high
and the deafening different distance
between the brown bread breakdown
and you
is a delicate delight
crush cost
just imagine your impossible impressions
merchant mercy : message
from morning to night
hey miss brown
object to the oak
you ought to turn the page
take a peculiar pen and write
your own instant
if somebody talks to you
apply for proofs
don't be satisfied with a lack
everytime you say goodbye
you die a little
don't take roots!
don't retire!
paint the painful page
otherwise you only ought to track the outline review
Put on your socks
before you put on your shoes
watch out
mad dog is running loose
you've got two cars
you've got ten fingers
but it's never you
it must be others
sleeping tight
thinking of the past
I wonder how long
is this gonna last?