Faust: ...In The Spirit

composed using the surrealist's exquisite corpse method...


  ...In The Spirit  2.59 
from  Faust / So Far  /  So Far  /  Faust: The Wümme Years


Me lack space in the spirit
the weekday is five stories high
and the deafening different distance
between the brown bread breakdown
and you
is a delicate delight
crush cost
just imagine your impossible impressions
merchant mercy : message
from morning to night
hey miss brown
object to the oak
you ought to turn the page
take a peculiar pen and write
your own instant
if somebody talks to you
apply for proofs
don't be satisfied with a lack
everytime you say goodbye
you die a little
don't take roots!
don't retire!
paint the painful page
otherwise you only ought to track the outline review
Put on your socks
before you put on your shoes
watch out
mad dog is running loose
you've got two cars
you've got ten fingers
but it's never you
it must be others
sleeping tight
thinking of the past
I wonder how long
is this gonna last?