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16 Mar 2009: Dates Confirmed for April to August

New dates for Faust (Zappi Diermaier, Jean-Hervé Peron, James Johnston, James Hodson and Geraldine Swayne) have been announced:

Apr 18th Oslo Kosmisk Kveld Festival, at Rockefeller Theater (with guests Ronny Waernes, Terry Edwards and Uwe Bastiansen)
Aug 28-30th Schiphorst Faust and friends (Jean-Hervé Peron, James Johnston, James Hodson and Geraldine Swayne, Geoff Leigh, Uwe Bastiansen, Colin Potter and others) will perform at the Avantgarde Festival
Sep 12th Stavanger Numusic Festival

16 Feb 2009: C'est Compliqué

C'est CompliqueA new album by Faust has been released. C'est Compliqué consists of the material recorded by Zappi Diermaier, Jean-Hervé Peron and Amaury Cambuzat in Hamburg, 2006, that was remixed by Steve Stapleton and Colin Potter of Nurse With Wound and released first as Disconnected.

9 Jan 2009: Faust in Bergen

Faust : (Zappi Diermaier, Jean-Hervé Peron, James Johnston, James Hodson and Geraldine Swayne) and local guests, will be performing their new program at the Borealis Festival of Contemporary Music in Bergen Norway on the 27th of March.

23 Sep 2008: Faust dates Confirmed

Faust (Zappi Diermaier, Jean-Hervé Peron, James Johnston, James Hodson and Geraldine Swayne) will play a series of concerts as follows.

Oct 3rd Verona Interzona
Oct 4th Rome Init
Oct 10th London Raindance Festival Q and A (Zappi and Jean-Hervé) after a showing of the film 'Ist Faust Schoen?' by Julien Perrin
Oct 11th London Secret Market, for One of One Festival (see story below)
Oct 13th Istanbul Garaj

10 Sep 2008: Faust in London

One of One Poster, 2008 Faust (Zappi Diermaier, Jean-Hervé Peron, James Johnston, James Hodson and Geraldine Swayne) will play a special Warehouse gig in London for One On One at Working Rooms, E8 on Oct 11th. Also playing will be Lydia Lunch, Factory Floor, Blurt, S.I.N.S and DJs Barry 7 (Add N to X), Where to Now and John Linger.

01 Jul 2008: More Faust Concerts

Faust (Hans-Joachim Irmler, Lars Paukstat, Steven Wray Lobdell, Jan Fride and Michael Stoll) will play a series of dates in summer as follows.

Aug 2nd Scheer Klangbad Festival
Sep 8th Bern Dampfzentrale
Sep 9th Genf La Batie Festival
Oct 11th Krems Kontraste Festival

02 Jun 2008: Faust in Japan, Istanbul and UK

Faust (Zappi Diermaier, Jean-Hervé Peron, James Johnston, James Hodson and special guests) will play three concerts in Japan on September 6-9th. They will play in Istanbul on October 14th in a unique concert featuring Geraldine Swayne, and will also visit the UK in June (London on the 18th, Manchester on the 19th and Cork on the 21st) with the same line-up plus more very special guests. Faust (Zappi Diermaier, Jean-Hervé Peron, Wwe Bastiansen and guests) will play the Swomp Festival, Hanover, Germany on May 7th and in Dublin at the Electric Picnic Festival on August 30th (Zappi Diermaier, Jean-Hervé Peron, James Johnston, Geraldine Swayne and very special guests.) More news will follow when I have it.

June 18th UK London Last FM Concert, Amersham Arms, London SE146TY, 388 New Cross Rd. With Zappi and Jean-Hervé, James Johnston, James Hodson, Geraldine Swayne, Colin Potter and Rachael Tyrell
June 19th UK Cardiff The Point, tbc
June 21st Eire Cork Midsummer Festival
June 27th East Germany Larz Fusion Festival
July 5th Germany Schiphorst Avant Garde Festival
Aug 27th Scotland Aberdeen The Tunnels - (CANCELLED)
Aug 28th Scotland Glasgow Ivory Blacks - (CANCELLED)
Aug 30th Eire Dublin Electric Picnic Festival
Sept 1st UK Manchester t.b.c
Sept 2nd UK London Cargo
Sept 6th Japan Tokyo The Liquid Room
Sept 8th & 9th Japan Tokyo Faust with Marble Sheep
Oct 14th Turkey Istanbul  

28 May 2008: Avant Garde Festival 2008

Schiphorst Avant Garde Festival 2008
The Avantgarde Festival in Schiphorst near Hamburg is the biggest live event for experimental music in west Europe. Apart from bands playing live gigs - some of them are seldom seen on stage - the festival is also a platform for installations, film screenings and performances. Artists include: , DACH (Iancu Dumitrescu, Ana-Maria Avram, Tim Hodgkinson & Chris Cutler (RO, UK)), Nurse With Wound (UK/USA), Faust ( A/F/UK), Stahl Quartett (GER), Barbed & Hester Schofield (UK), The Grand Erector (UK), Xabec (Ger), Julien Perrin (F), Black Carrot (UK), Adriano Lanzi (I), Ivan Bellocq (F), Aerosol Light Textures (Ger), ElectrixGarden (GER), Geoff Leigh (UK), Nad Spiro (SP), Geraldine Swayne (IRL), Traummaschine ( SP), Elena Golovnina (RUS), Rachael Tyrell (UK), Laborkester (NL), Mona Mur feat. En Esch (exKMFDM) (GER), Boy Division (GER), Incite (Ger), 13th Monkey (GER), Sternschuss Trio ( ISR/GER), Daniel Sarid & Assif Tsahar (ISR), Pierre Chevalier (B), Kosmische Dj (UK), Kakawaka (GER), Ronny Waernes (NOR), Polkadotsonraindrops (AUS), Brian Mitchell (USA), Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer (GER), Manami N (JAP), Platform 5 (UK), Moksha-Medicine Sound System (FIN/USA), Samessina (GER)

28 May 2008: Faust on Film

The documentary film Ist Faust Schoen?> will be officially screened at the Point Ephemere(Paris) at 7pm on Friday 6th 2008 as part of the festival Filmer la Musique. Jean-Hervé Peron(Faust/art-errorist), supported by German duo Bagiowill also perform a one-off concert at the event, around 9 pm. Film director Julien Perrin will be happy to meet you at this event and celebrate the result of his three years work. A track by Jean-Hervé Peron with Bagio can be downloaded here

26 May 2008: Faust in Barcelona

Faust (Hans-Joachim Irmler, Lars Paukstat, Steven Wray Lobdell, Jan Fride and Michael Stoll) will play the Radiohead curated Daydream Festivalon June 12 2008 at Barcelona's Parc del Forum. Other acts on the line-up include Four Tet, Liars and Cristian Vogel.

20 May 2008: Faust in Sweden

Faust (Zappi Diermaier, Jean-Hervé Peron, James Johnston, James Hodson, Geraldine Swaayne and Uwe Bastiasen) will perform at the Krautrock Sthlm Festivalon the 23rd of May in Stockholm at the Sodrateatern.

13 Mar 2008: Steven Wray Lobdell Dates

Steven Wray Lobdell(of Faust & Davis Redford Triad, Portland, Holy Mountain / Klangbad) will be playing two dates in Germany in April.

Apr 11th Germany Berlin Galerie Weissenseer Freitag, Brückenstrasse 5-6, 10179
Apr 12th Germany Ravensburg Balthes, Marktstr. 31, 88212

02 Mar 2008: Faust in Spain

Faust will play the Digressions Festival on 9th April with a lineup of Jochen Irmler, Lars Paukstat, Steven Wray Lobdell, Michael Stoll and Jan Fride. They will play L'Auditori, Sala 2, Oriol, Martorell. See the Digressions sitefor more details.

16 Jan 2008: Zappi in Der Schlaeger

Zappi is currently playing and recording with Der Schlaeger, whose music "is a combination of typical german 'Schlager' music and kind of abstract and aggressive instrumental overlays." Other members of Der Schlaeger include Karin Meier, Johannes Bahlmann, Fritz Renzo Heinze and Thomas E. Martin.

29 Oct 2007: FaustPages Community

For up to date news of Faust and for discussions with like-minded people about music in general, we invite you to join the new Faust-Pages community. It's free and it will do you good. We also encourage you to join us on the Faust mailing list.

14 Oct 2007: Faust Live in Kracow

An album, Live in Krakowrecorded at the Loch Ness Club in Krakow, 15th Nov 2006, has been released by the Lumberton Trading Company. Details and track listing tbc.

10 Sep 2007: Faust Dates Announced

Jean-Hervé and Zappi
Faust are to play dates in Germany, Isreal and elsewhere in the coming months. More details as they arrive.

Oct 19th Germany Hamburg Hafenklang Exil, Grosse Berg Strasse 178 Special Guests: James Hodson (sounds), Uwe Bastiansen (Bagio) (Guitar)
Nov 6th UK London art-errorist Jean-Hervé Peron plays solo at The Luminaire, Geraldine Swayne (...Bender). Opening with Sunseastarand Kosmische/Drones DJ Richard Fontenoy.
Nov 7th UK * art-errorist Jean-Hervé Peron will attend "A Spell for Rudolf Sosna" conducted by Rachael Tyrell at Derek Jarman's Garden. Deatils TBC. BY INVITATION ONLY.
Dec 7th Russia Moscow A cool invitation at the Ikra Club. Thanks Grigory! Faust line-up: Zappi, Jean-Hervé Peron, Geraldine Swayne (...Bender), James Johnston (Gallon Drunk / Bad Seeds) and James Hodson.
Dec 8th Sweden Stockholm Faust plays at the great SODRA TEATERN, the oldest theater in Stockholm. Line -up as above. Further details tba.
Dec 14th Isreal Tel Aviv Lecture in the Digital Art Lab, Holon, Concert in Tel Aviv. Special guests: James Hodson (sounds), Geraldine Swayne and James Johnston, plus local artists at the Hapzura Festival.
Dec 15th Isreal Jerusalem Special guests: James Hodson (sounds), Geraldine Swayne and James Johnston. details tbc.
Dec 16th Isreal Tel Aviv Meeting with Local Artists. Details TBC.
Jan 17th * * Commemoration Concert RIP Uwe Nettelbeck. Details TBC.

Booking: art-errorist. Booking UK : Julie Tippex

10 Sep 2007: Faust / Nurse With Wound album

Faust/NWW Album Disconnectedis to be released mid-June on the Faust label, art-errorist, containing 4 tracks as of yet untitled material. Cover art by Babs Santini. More info to follow. More details here.

17 Aug 2007: Trial and Error DVD

A DVD of Faustrecordings featuring Jean-Hervé Peron, Zappi Diermaier, Amaury Cambuzatand Olivier Manchion will soon be released. The DVD was created by Zappi from recordings at Schiphorst in 2005, but also features two tracks recorded at Wümme in 1972. Read more here.

01 Jul 2007: Bagio / Art-Errorist track for Download

Art-Errorist Jean-Herve Peron recorded a track with the group Bagioin anticipation of their appearance at the Schiphorst Festival. You can play or download it.

08 Mar 2007: Faust DVD: Nobody Knows

Ankst Musicare proud to annnounce the upcoming release of our acclaimed concert film 'Faust: Nobody Knows if it Ever Happened' on DVD.

This film features the legendary German Krautrock group FAUST performing an explosive concert in London. The DVD comes with extras ('Struktur' - an exclusive 50 minute behind-the-scenes document shot by the late Arthur Howes, and a bonus performance of Flashback Caruso), and copies bought from the Ankst shop at WWW.ANKST.NETwill be despatched on the 13th of April, a full ten days before the official release date.

08 Mar 2007: Faust Dates Announced

Faust, with Zappi, Jean-Hervé and Amaury, have announced the following tour dates. For the Bristol show on June 1st they will be joined by special guests - I'll add details here when it is announced. Better still, join the mailing listto receive news as it happens. Follow links for tickets and more information.

May 11th UK Manchester Futuresonic Festival
Jun 1st UK Bristol Venn Festival(with Colin Potter of Nurse With Wound and Geoff Leigh of Henry Cow)
Jun 2nd UK Coventry Taylor Johns House
Jun 3rd UK London Corsica Studios(with Colin Potter of Nurse With Wound and Geoff Leigh of Henry Cow). Charles Hayward support.
Jun 5th UK Leeds Irish Centre
Jun 6th UK Liverpool Liverpool Barfly
Jun 8th UK Glasgow Glasgow Barfly
Jun 9th UK Edinburgh Bongo
Jun 12th UK Leicester Pickled at Charlotte
Jun 13th UK London The Luminaire: SOLO NIGHT + SPECIAL (under c) by Faust members
Jul 27-29th Germany Schiphorst Avant Garde Festival

Booking: Plateformes in collaboration with Julie Tippex (Uk)

06 Mar 2007: Eroberung des Raums

Hans-Joachim Irmler, Bruno Gebhard and Ingo Vauk will perform a site--specific installation investigating the sonic properties of Casa da Musica and is mainly using what architect Rem Koolhaas has described as the "secondary serving spaces" of this unique building: Premiere: 07.04.2007 Casa da Musica, Porto. Installation (entrance hall / hallways) 21:30 / concert (Cybermusica room) 22:30. The installation can be visited until 05.05.2007, daily opening times: 10.00 - 20.00. Fundacao Casa da Musica, Avenida da Boavista 604-610, 4149 071 Porto / Portugal.

22 Feb 2007: Schiphorst Festival

This year's Schiphorst festival, organised by Jean-Hervé Peron, will take place from 27th-29th July 2007. The lineup has yet to be announced in full but includes: Eugene Chadbourne, Jimmy Carl Black, Merzbow, Amal Gamal, Tlasila and Sardh.

21 Feb 2007: Scheer / Klangbad Festival

The Lineup for this year's Scheer / Klangbad festival (run by Jochen Irmler) includes: Plain Ride (FI), Custom Drummer, Rakhim (FI), Pharaoh Overload (FI), Circle (FI), Marku Peltola (FI), Uske Orkestra (B), Aqua Nebula Oszillator (F), Lance Flamme (F), Planetakis (D), Schlammpeitziger (D), Paperfactory (D, GB, USA, AU), Naked Lunch (AU), Nista Nije Nista (D, AU, AUS), Parking Non Stop (WALES), Knarf RellÖm Trinity (D), Atrox (D), Frank Wegling (USA, D), 27 #11 (GB, S), Ectogram (WALES), The Nightingales (GB), Die Goldenen Zitronen (D)

The festival runs from 3rd-5th August 2007.

22 Jan 2007: Uwe Nettelbeck Dies

Uwe Nettelbeck, founder and mentor of Faust, died on January 17th. Jean-Hervé Peron made this statement about the passing of the man who first formed and inspired Faust and was a key creative force behind the group in their early years;

Besides being a sharp-witted but yet charming and loving husband, father and grandfather, he was an outstanding cook, a writer who always generated deep emotions and interest, and a genius, selfless music producer. Thank you Uwe for all you have done for our music. Faust is your work, no doubt ! Your work will outlast all of us. May your soul rest in peace. My sincere sympathy to his family Petra, Anouchka, Sandra, Elisha and Elsa.

Many many members of the Faust Listjoin me here to express their condolences:

  • Sad news. Please tell Uwe's family that there are a great number of people whom he never met, yet who have been touched, influenced, entertained, perpelexed, stimulated, and enriched by his work with Faust, and who are moved by the news of his passing....
  • Faust lives because of him, and I think all of our lives are changed in a profound way because of Uwe....
  • Uwe Nettelbeck... Ce nom magique... Merci pour le Clear et... le reste... On est pas prêts d'oublier... On prie pour toi...
  • JHP, please pass on the collective commiserations and condolences of everyone at the Kosmische Club to Uwe's family ...
  • Let this be a reminder to all of us to express love and appreciation to one another while the person is still alive to hear it!...

The Faust List/ Jean-Hervé Peron

Joachim Irmler added:

In a way, he was too close to me, so I cannot really express my feelings at the moment. At times, it felt like he was a brother.

Asche auf mein Haupt!

Requiescat in pace!

23 Oct 2006: Faust Book Launch / Faust Film Premiere

Front CoverOctober sees the release of the first book about the band, titled Faust: Stretch Out Time 1970-75, by the administrator of this site, Andy Wilson: Buy Now >> More Information >> Book Flyer / Info >> Enquiries >> Interview with Andy Wilson by Arndt Peltner on Radio Goethe >>

ICA LaunchThere will be a Q&A session with Jean-Hervé Peron chaired by Andy after the showing of the new film of Faust Live, 'Nobody Knows if it Really Happened' at The ICA, London, on 1st December. The film presents Faust's legendary gig at The Garage, London in 1996, exactly ten years previously, to the day. The Kosmische DJ's will be playing after the showing, and the event will also see the official launch of both the book, Stretch Out Time, and a box set from Dirter Promotionsof recordings from faust's last tour of the UK. There is a lot more information here.

22 Sep 2006: Faust on Tour

Faust in ParisFaust, with Zappi, Jean-Hervé and Amaury, have announced the following tour dates. Follow the links for tickets and more information.

Nov 15th 2006, Poland, Kracov, Loch Ness Club

Nov 7th France Paris Nouveau Casino
Nov 8th France Metz conference about/with Faust by Dominique Fellman
Nov 9th: 23h, Salle OCHS : Live France Metz Salle OCHS : Live
Address for both events : 10 rue des trinitaires, Metz
10 years after the "Faust/Collectif Metz" concert @ Musiques Volantes#1 !
More Details >>
Nov 15th Poland Kracov Loch Ness Club
Nov 16th Czekoslovakia Praha Stimul Festival + Pansonic

11 Aug 2006: Faust in Milan

Faust in Paris

Faust, with Zappi, Jean-Hervé and Amaury, play in Milan, 24th Aug 2006, at Festa de l'unita di milano, Mazda Palace, Milan, Italy

10 Jul 2006: Avant Garde Festival


The lineup for the Schiphorst Festival, hosted at Jean-Hervé's home, 1st-3rd September include: Charles Hayward(This Heat), The Legendary Pink Dots, Asmus Tietchens, Faust, Rother and Moebius, S/T, Lucianne Lassalle and Geoff Leigh, PermanentFatalError, Daniel Larkaand many more.

Visit the festival site

13 Jun 2006: Faust on Paris


Jean-Hervé and Zappi wrote an account of the recent Faust concerts at Lyon, Paris and Bodø.

13 Jun 2006: Faust in Paris


Faust will play in Paris on 25th June at the Villette Sonique festival

28 May 2006: Tribute to Rudolph Sosna

Faust list member Jake Shieldsmade a short video tribute For Rudolph Sosna

27 Apr 2006: Faust IV Remastered

The 1974 album Faust IVhas been re-released with a CD of extra material - including a John Peel session and alternate and extended versions of some classic songs. Find out morebefore you buy it.

02 Apr 2006: Faust in Paris, Lyon and Athens

Jean-Hervé and Zappi

Faust will play in Lyons on May 24th at the Nuits Sonores Festival, with a lineup of Zappi Diermaier, Jean-Hervé Peron, Olivier Manchion, Amaury Cambuzat and a mystery guest member whose identity cannot yet be revealed. Also playing at the festival will be Duracell, Charles Hayward, Jad Fair, Blurt and Warren Suicide.

The same line-up will play an open air performance in Paris on June 25th at Villette Soniqueand on Thurs 28th Sept in The Underworld, Athens. There will also be concerts in Thessalonika and Larissa. More news about all the concerts will follow when I have it.

08 Mar 2006: Scheer 2006


This years Scheer festival, the third annual festival organised by Hans-Joachim Irmler's Klangbad label, will take place on 11-13th August 2006. Details of the line up will be added when I have them.

02 Mar 2006: Ulan Bator Site

Ulan Batorhave a new sitearchiving plenty of information about the group. Influenced by groups such as This Heat and Swans, Ulan Bator's Olivier Manchion and Amaury Cambuzat play in one of the current incarnations of Faust. There's a lot more information here.

23 Feb 2006: Faust IV Re-released

Faust IVEMI, who now own the Virgin label, have announced the release of a remastered Faust IVwith extra tracks. You'll want to snap this up, not only for the new material but because the mastering of the existing version of the album on CD is so poor.

From the press release: "The bonus disc is completed with six previously unreleased tracks recorded by Uwe Nettelbeck. Beginning with a soporific take on Jennifer, followed by an alternate take of The Sad Skinhead, an extended version of Just a Secondtakes the track to greater levels of trance inducement, before ending in its almost trademark snare crack half roll. The ambient Piano Piece is reminiscent of Brian Eno's Another Green World - best known as the theme tune to the BBC documentary series Arena. A gentle and shimmering piece it is a gem tucked away on this second disc that concludes with alternate takes on Lauftand Giggy Smile."

As with the existing release, the track listing doesn't mention the track Runseperately, although presumably it will stiill be there, tacked on to the end of Lauft.

CD1: The original album, re-mastered

CD2 - bonus disc

  • The Lurcher(BBC Peel Session)
  • Krautrock(BBC Peel Session)
  • Do So(BBC Peel Session)
  • Jennifer (Alternate)
  • The Sad Skinhead (Alternate)
  • Just A Second (Starts Like That!) (Extended Version)
  • Piano Piece (aka Das Meer)
  • Lauft... Heisst Das Es Lauft Oder Es Kommt Bald... Lauft (Alternate)
  • Giggy Smile (Alternate)

01 Feb 2006: More Faust Dates

In April Faust - Hans-Joachim Irmler (keyboard), Steven Wray Lobdell (Davis Redford Triad, guitar), Michael Stoll (bass / flute), Lars Paukstat (percussion, vocals), Jan Fride-Wolbrandt (drums), John Silk (sound) - will do a short tour in Europe. Confirmed dates include:

  • 7 Apr:Haarlem, Netherlands, Toon Festival
  • 8 Apr:Antwerp, Belgium, Luchtbal
  • 14 Apr:Porto, Portugul, Casa da Musica
  • 30 Apr:krems klangraum / Donau Festival 2006