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The Faust-Pages site is nominally managed by me, Andy Wilson. In reality it's the result of the work of a great many people, not least of all the members of the Faust mailing list, whose love of the group and fine music, and whose work collecting reviews, scanning covers and the like, is behind much of what you'll find on these pages. If you are a member of the list, just contact the site authors to have your details added to this page. Don't forget to send a picture and any info you want included in your profile.

Adriano Lanzi

Adriano Lanzi(it)

mailto: adriano.lanzi <at>
Interests: All creative music, psychology, social theories, pataphysics, Feldenkrais Method, Kaspar Hauser, Sergej M. Ejzenstejn, Peter Sellers, Rasputin, King David, the Partisan Resistance in italy, Harry Houdini (both the magician and my cat by the same name)...

Alan Holmes

Alan Holmes(uk)

mailto: alan <at>

Web: Ectogram


Andy Wilson

Andy Wilson(uk)

mailto: andy <at>

Web: The Faust Pages

Interests: Sun Ra, S/T, Iancu Dumitrescu, Sam Beckett and acousmatics; Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, The Fall and Tony Oxley; Coltrane, Ayler, James Joyce and Lee Perry; Lawrence Casserley, free improvisation, punk, Cecil Taylor, Karl Marx, Harry Smith, Rosa Luxemburg and the Dhamma; Varese, Ligeti, John Fahey and Xenakis; Nurse With Wound, Captain Beefheart, Throbbing Gristle and Militant Esthetix
Notes: 'web master' (ahem)

Aubrey Williams

Aubrey Williams(us)

mailto: adwill09 <at>
Notes: Here's a pic from 1974 - shortly after hearing Faust for the first time. Check back later and see a current pic, where you can see the effect of listening to Faust for 30 years!

Benjamin Tinker

Benjamin Tinker(us)

mailto: ben <at>
Interests: The Arts - especially Music (Eno, Faust, Cluster, Roxy Music, Pere Ubu, Fred Astair, Schubert, Don Cherry) Good Food - especially Fresh Fish, Good Summertime Peaches solitude and good company

Corey Larkin

Corey Larkin(us)

mailto: altairpsych <at>

Web: Progedelic Charlie

Interests: The Altair, All Jazz Music, Avant Garde and Experimental, Psychedelic, and 20th Century Classical, Philosophy, photography, music theories, cinematography, pleasant dreams of cheese and pie.
Notes: The Altair is currently touring and releasing original Avant garde Jazz and Psych music thru their independant distribution label.

Dan Rodenburg

Dan Rodenburg(nl)

mailto: daniel <at>

Web: Larka

Interests: Faust, Charles Hayward, Robert Quine, Dick Witts, Lori Carson, Gagaku, Mo Lam, John Berger, Michel Hellebecq, Danilo Kis, Website Development

Dave FunkyPancake

Dave FunkyPancake(uk)

mailto: mailto:dave <at>

Web: Dave's Collections

Interests: a pedestrian enjoying obscure photography and finding lost photos.

David Enzor

David Enzor(uk)

mailto: mailto:davidenzor <at>
Interests: Zappa, Faust, Can, Nurse with Wound, Varese, Stockhausen, Cage, Reich, Experimental, Krautrock and Nick Cave
Notes: picture circa 1974

Dusty Balls

Dusty Balls(uk)

mailto: mailto:ballsdusty <at>
Interests: Experimental, Collage, Dadaism, Negativland, Faust, Neu, Harmonia, NWW, Tape Beatles, Can, noise, Ambient, Eno, Fripp, prog, King Crimson, Magma, Lustmord, Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Current 93, Crawling With Tarts, Illusion of Safety, Jim O'Rourke, etc., etc., etc. I enjoy a good amount of other types of music (pop,rock,metal,indie) but lean towards the experimental side of things.
Notes: Negativland was a huge influence on my creative life, so much in fact that after appearing via phone on several 'Over The Edge' radio shows I was inspired to start doing my own audio collage show on KFJC. I also did several years of pirate radio at the burning man festival (Radio Free Burning Man 94-98)

Fabio (Vercoquin)

Fabio (Vercoquin)(it)

mailto: vercoquin <at>
Interests: Faust, Can, Soft Machine, John Fahey, Nurse with Wound, La Monte Young, Eric Rohmer, Robert Bresson, Andrej Tarkovskj, Takashi Miike, Gurdjieff, traditional Kung Fu Hung Gar, graphics (publications, multimedia)

Filippo Neri

Filippo Neri(it)

mailto: filippo.neri <at>
Interests: Faust, This Heat, Residents, Nurse With Wound, Smegma, kraut-rock, weird-rock, avant-rock, strange music, strange artists and strange stories (still researching the meaning of "strange" at all). Cooking, eating, fishing and harvesting wild vegetables too.



mailto: suregena <at>
Interests: Music, film, photography, observation, all-night, travel, interaction, communication, haphazardness, experience(s), the elderly, the animals, and your brain.

Geoff Leigh

Geoff Leigh(uk)

mailto: geoffleigh <at>

Web: Mass Culture Control Bureau

Interests: Sun Ra, Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Don Cherry, Charlie Mingus, Eric Dolphy, Miles Davis, Avant Rock, The Residents, Henry Cow (!), Faust, Gong, This Heat, Psychedelia, Indian, North African, Gamelan, and most Ethnic / Improvised / Contemporary / Electronic Musics.

Graham Clare

Graham Clare(uk)

mailto: grahamclare <at>
Interests: Psychedelic music from all around the world

Gustavo Jobim

Gustavo Jobim(br)

mailto: jobim <at>

Web: Music

Web: Poetry

Interests: Faust, Can, Schulze, Glass, Magma, Alvaro de Campos (Fernando Pessoa), Arvo Part, Black Sabbath, Heldon/R.Pinhas, T.Dream, photography, HR Giger, Radiohead, outsider music, GYBE, classic game soundtracks, Trettioariga Kriget, Nine Inch Nails, Sigur Ros, dada, Conrad Schnitzler, Motorhead, japanese animation and food, Salvador Dali, Erik Satie, Sonic Youth, Kraftwerk, JRR Tolkien, etc.
Notes: Born 1982; musician (electronic/experimental); dada/surreal poet (as Zé Urbano, in portuguese, gibberish and rarely english); keyboardist for Brazilian dada-rock band Zumbi do Mato ("zombie from the woods"). current art projects: a studio album; another studio album (abstract paintings); a collaborations album (abstract paintings vol.2); live album with zumbi do mato; first poetry book to be released in 2008.

Howard Laskin (HL)

Howard Laskin (HL)(us)

mailto: telax <at>
Interests: Music is my life...i wouldn't last a day without it

Ian Land

Ian Land(uk)

mailto: iml <at>
Interests: Coltrane, Ornette, Mingus, Monk, Zorn, Faust, All Saints, Sam Beckett, James Joyce, mashed potatoes, pork pies

Jake Shields

Jake Shields(us)

mailto: jake.shieldsmusic <at>
Interests: Faust, Jake Thackray, TG/PTV/Coil, XTC, Shostakovich, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Charlie Haden, Dave Holland, Mount Vernon Arts Lab/Astral Temple, Georges Brassens, Esma Redzepova, Rashid Behbudov and curries.
Notes: Born Glasgow, Scotland, residing in New York for 22 years and counting. Proud joint winner of the 2005-2006 Faust List Joke award.

James Baker

James Baker(us)

mailto: schlagzeugwoo <at>
Interests: The Mexican edible oils industry, Fassbinder, articulating, and states of rest
Notes: Assembling tape montage. Otherwise, I am highly animated and tan well

Jean-Hervé Pèron

Jean-Hervé Pèron(fr)

mailto: jhperon <at>

Web: Art-Errorist

Web: Faust


Jim Donnelly

Jim Donnelly(uk)

mailto: anaxa <at>

Web: JD Lennon

Web: Blue Orchids

Web: John Cooper Clarke


Johnny Badboy / JohnO

Johnny Badboy / JohnO(uk)

mailto: johnybadboy <at>
Interests: Music and good times. The occasional but necessary total disruption of normality.

Joachim Gaertner

Joachim Gaertner(de)

mailto: getHappy <at>

Web: S/T

Web: Get Happy Records

Web: Bigger Than The Beatles...

Web: Durmentingen Info

Web: Durmentingen Download

Interests: Editor's Note: Joachim is one half of the incomparable S/T, author of the book They Could Have Been Bigger Than The Beatles, and runs Get Happy! Records. You can download an album of S/T playing live in Durmentingen using the links above.
Notes: Photo is at The DRONES CLUB, 2005, BY IAN LAND

John Hubbard (JHSilent)

John Hubbard (JHSilent)(us)

mailto: Jhsilent <at>

Web: Enso-on

Interests: Faust, book design, Lenny Bruce, Thailand, nonsense, The Beatles, Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, dada, Popol Vuh, Spike Jones and his City Slickers, Boris Vian, photography, The Fugs, Yoko Ono, Richard Brautigan, Franco Battiato, silence, Frank Zappa, Fluxus, laughter, Nurse with Wound, words, Can, pictures, enso on...

John Jacob

John Jacob(us)

mailto: jpjacob <at>

Web: Extended Play


JS Adams (BLK w/BEAR)

JS Adams (BLK w/BEAR)(us)

mailto: artbear <at>

Web: Text. Visuals. Sound

Interests: dead media, communications interference, visual decay and queering sound

Julien Perrin

Julien Perrin(fr)

mailto: jul_perrin <at>

Web: Julien and Faust

Interests: Krautrock (Faust, Neu!, Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze, Ash Ra Temple, Conrad Schnitzler, Can, Tangerine Dream, Agitation Free, Guru, Guru,Cluster), horror movies, Ennio Morricone, good restaurants, making documentaries, beautiful ladies, stange people, silence.

Keef Rob

Keef Rob(us)

mailto: kingsweet2 <at>
Interests: Sociology, musical carnage, destruction of rock'n'roll myths
Notes: Did Faust write 'Louie Louie'?

Maeyc Hewitt

Maeyc Hewitt(cy)

mailto: maeyc <at>

Web: Ectogram

Interests: the nexus

Michael Kneidl

Michael Kneidl(de)

mailto: michael.kneidl <at>
Interests: Any sophistic, weird, avantgarde music... espresso, food, electronic, maintaining my car, sharing ideas and knowledge

Michel Ramond

Michel Ramond(fr)

mailto: ramond.michel <at>

Web: Fred Frith

Interests: music(s), reification

Mick Scarrott

Mick Scarrott(uk)

mailto: mick.scarrott <at>
Interests: music, natural history, reading, peace andq quiet (if only...)
Notes: That's me, following a little recent light demolition, covered in about 150 years worth of real Black Country black.

Ned (WasIstDas)

Ned (WasIstDas)(uk)

mailto: info <at>

Web: Was Ist Das

Interests: All music, literature, theatre, cinema, astronomy, writing, beer, socialising, dancing, stuff, etc.

Manfred Scholido

Manfred Scholido(uk)

mailto: manfredscholido <at>
Interests: Philosophy of mind and consciousness, the interface between inner and outer worlds, music sacred and profane, and cricket

Olivier Coiffard

Olivier Coiffard

mailto: coiffard.olivier <at>
Interests: Faust, Can, Captain 'Don Van Vliet' Beefheart, Frank Zappa, The Who, and all the canterbury scene (Soft Machine, Matching Mole, Hatfield and the North, National Health
Notes: Olivier is pictured on the left here with Jean-Hervé Pèron

Olivier Manchion

Olivier Manchion

mailto: sunbeep <at>

Web: Plateformes

Web: Faust

Web: PermanentFatalError

Web: Ulan Bator


Phil Turnbull

Phil Turnbull(au)

mailto: nns <at>

Web: Sydney Post-Punk Bands 78-84

Interests: the very great Arp Odyssey, a perfectly made flat white coffee and a spicy south indian curry

Richard Fontenoy

Richard Fontenoy(uk)

mailto: rf <at>

Web: Kosmische Club


Web: Stella Maris Drone Orchestra


Richard Moore

Richard Moore(uk)

mailto: richard.leslie.moore <at>
Interests: Faust, Can, Einsturzende Neubauten, Nick Cave, The Birthday Party, Gong, The Pink Fairies, Frank Zappa and most Krautrock and Psychedelic sounds

Rick Le Fauve

Rick Le Fauve(us)

mailto: rlefauve <at>

Web: Chicago Vintage Motorcyclists

Web: Vintage Motorcycles

Interests: I am happy to talk to anyone from the list who is visiting Chicago and I would try to meet them for a pint. Myself I travel to Schweinfurt Germany, Taiwan, China, and Amersfoort Netherlands frequently and would look forward to meet other list subscribers around Frankfort, Koln, Utrecht, etc.
Notes: Alex and Rick cleaning Rick's '75 750GT Ducati

Robert Carlberg

Robert Carlberg(us)

mailto: rcarlberg <at>


Interests: documenting particularly-interesting environments

Robert Jaz

Robert Jaz(us)

mailto: VltCrumble <at>

Web: Robert's Home


Interests: Experimental film / Krautrock (Faust, Can, Cosmic Jokers, Xhol, Between etc), The Fall, Zappa, Beefheart, Bill Nelson, '60s trash psych, Japanese psych, Sun Ra, strange soundtracks and the usual surrealist / avant garde suspects
Notes: Member of V. Majestic / soundtrack artist and original founder of the Terrastock Festival.

Ronny Waernes

Ronny Waernes(nor)

mailto: ronny <at>
Interests: Tina and Julie, Vinyl records, Prog, Jazz, Avant-G, Noise, Metal, Punk, Faust, KC, Rush, Poetry, Books, The Black Adder, Film, Sci-fi, Motorpsycho, System of a D, Dillinger EP, The Spectacle, Music in general, Ireland, Spain, Sicily, Travel, and our magnificent nature.
Notes: Anyone coming up north can see scenery like this (well, it's actually on a remote group of islands a few hours from my town.) If you do, give me a shout and I will show you the sights, pubs, etc.

Ryan (Spamking)

Ryan (Spamking)(ca)

mailto: spamking <at>

Stephen Robinson

Stephen Robinson(uk)

mailto: heiferboy <at>

Web: Novak

Web: Add N to X

Web: Arab Strap

Interests: Pop music and cows

Steve Pittis

Steve Pittis(uk)

mailto: steve <at>

Web: Band of Pain

Web: Dirter Records

Interests: Listening to music: recording my own music: the thrill of getting another release out on Dirter: helping my youngest daughter fill her iPod up with great music: annoying my eldest daughter with great music that she hates: cooking: swearing: beer: curry: walking: driving (not motorways): sleeping. Things I don't like: musical (and all kinds of) bigots: people who don't get their round in, and pretend they "don't know how this works": hangovers: playing back a piece of music that's taken me an age to record, realizing it's shit, and binning it: rude people: insomnia.
Notes: Pic by Stephen O'Malley.

Tom Berger

Tom Berger(uk)

mailto: tom.berger <at>

Web: Intellectronica

Interests: music of all sorts, especially (but not only) intentional music. human brains and their sex organs (and the rest of their biology and the entire animal kingdom too, but much less). software, especially if it's written in lisp or smalltalk or any of the other more advanced systems.
Notes: I'm a jewish new nazi capitalist libertarian motherfucker (and that's probably the nicest and most subtle thing one can say about me)



mailto: traummaschine0 <at>

Web: Traummaschine

Notes: Two Krautrockers from the land of the flowers, the light and the love...

Yassen Roussev

Yassen Roussev(uk)

mailto: slona <at>

Web: John Peel

Interests: Faust, Zappi's drumming, Free Jazz, Electronica and crazy music in general. Films with great Cinematography.
Notes: Currently working on setting up a tribute to John Peel