Faust: It's A Rainy Day (Sunshine Girl)

aka Rainy Day, Ice Rain, Stretch Over All Times, Rainy Day, Rainy Day, Rainy Day II, Rainy Day Sunshine Girl

Author : Rudolf Sosna

"It's no wonder that 'Rainy Day' is being covered so often: I think that Faust was certainly to feel this ur-urge to stomp. This is an ancient and universal expression of togertheness, of 'belonging to the clan', of 'joining in with the universe", of 'leaving your carnal envelope', 'activating kundalini', 'getting drunk with happiness'. Here also, stomp, stomp, turn, turn, turn, and take off man, take off. So Faust did a cover of this ur-urge as many did it before and many after." Jean-Hervé Péron, mail to the Faust list, 5th Dec 2004.


click to play...  It's A Rainy Day (Sunshine Girl)  7.21 
from  Faust / So Far  /  So Far  /  Faust: The Wümme Years

  Rainy Day  9.01 
from  The Faust Concerts 1

  Ice Rain
from  Impressions

  Stretch Over All Times  2.17 
   1971/73, 2000/01
from  Patchwork 1971-2002

  Rainy Day
   Newcastle Carling Academy, 8th Nov 2005
from  Faust in Autumn

  Rainy Day
   London Metro, 2005
from  Faust in Autumn

  Rainy Day II  6.00 
from  Trial and Error 2005

  Rainy Day Sunshine Girl
   The Loch Ness Club, Krakow, Nov 15th 2006
from  Live in Krakow 2006


It's a rainy day, sunshine girl
it's a rainy day, sunshine baby