Faust: T-Electronique

aka T-Electronique (Ware Remix), Meltdown of T-Electronique & Apokalypse, T-Electronique (Death of Komarov), T-Electronique


click to play...  T-Electronique  6.51 
from  Ravvivando

  T-Electronique (Ware Remix)  6.20 
   remixed by Matthias Schaffhauser, 1999
from  Freispiel

  Meltdown of T-Electronique & Apokalypse  4.46 
   remix by The Sofa Surfers, Wein 2000
from  Freispiel

  T-Electronique (Death of Komarov)  4.25 
   remixed by The Residents. Commander Komarov died on Soyuz 1 when it crash landed on the Orienenberg Steppe, 24th April 1967
from  Freispiel

  T-Electronique  6.36 
   Recorded with Dälek
from  Derbe Respect, Alder