2002: Faust: Freispiel

Remixes of tracks from Ravvivando, by various artists

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Released: 2002
Recorded: 1997-1999
Werner DiermaierDrumsaka Zappi
Produced: Hans Joachim IrmlerOrgan, Electronics
Steven Wray LobdellGuitar
Cover: Thomas E. Martin
Lars PaukstatPercussion
Executive Producer: Constanze Pfeiffer
Michael StollBass


*T-Electronique (Ware Remix)6.20
  (aka T-Electronique, Meltdown of T-Electronique & Apokalypse, T-Electronique (Death of Komarov), T-Electronique) 
remixed by Matthias Schaffhauser, 1999
click to play...Wir Brauchen Dich #6 **4.25
  (aka Wir Brauchen Dich, Wir Brauchen Dich #5, Wir Brauchen Dich #7, w.b.d, Wir Brauchen Dich #6 (Processors of Elimination Mix), Wir Brauchen Dich #6 (Ellapropella Mix)) 
remix by Gel (Dave Ball & Ingo Vauk), E-Studio, London 2000
*Meltdown of T-Electronique & Apokalypse4.46
  (aka T-Electronique, T-Electronique (Ware Remix), T-Electronique (Death of Komarov), T-Electronique) 
remix by The Sofa Surfers, Wein 2000
*D.I.G (Surgeon Remix)6.41
  (aka D.I.G, D.I.G (Kreidler Remix)) 
remix by Surgeon
*Du Weisst Schon (Funkstorung Remix) **4.45
  (aka Du Weisst Schon, As You Might Know / Du Weisst Schon, Du Weisst Schon (DVonAir Remix)) 
remix by Funkstorung, Rosenheim 1999
*D.I.G (Kreidler Remix)6.05
  (aka D.I.G, D.I.G (Surgeon Remix)) 
remix by Kreidler
*Carousel #2 (Through a Microscope Mix)4.11
  (aka Carousel #2) 
remix by Adriano Lanzi & Omar Sodano, Rome 1999
*Carousel #24.27
  (aka Carousel #2 (Through a Microscope Mix)) 
remix by Trillian, Barcelona 2000
*Four Plus Seven Means Eleven (Howie B. Remix)7.20
  (aka Four Plus Seven Means Eleven, Four Plus Seven Means Eleven (Dax & Pieper Remix)) 
remix by Howie B, 2000
*Carousel #26.42
  (aka Carousel #2 (Through a Microscope Mix)) 
remix by Dan Miller & Gareth Jones, London
*T-Electronique (Death of Komarov)4.25
  (aka T-Electronique, T-Electronique (Ware Remix), Meltdown of T-Electronique & Apokalypse, T-Electronique) 
remixed by The Residents. Commander Komarov died on Soyuz 1 when it crash landed on the Orienenberg Steppe, 24th April 1967
*Four Plus Seven Means Eleven (Dax & Pieper Remix)5.50
  (aka Four Plus Seven Means Eleven, Four Plus Seven Means Eleven (Howie B. Remix)) 
remix by Dax & Pieper, Berlin
*Du Weisst Schon (DVonAir Remix) **4.58
  (aka Du Weisst Schon, As You Might Know / Du Weisst Schon, Du Weisst Schon (Funkstorung Remix)) 
remix by Dead Voices on Air, Canada






Paul Donnelly: Freispiel

Sometimes a remix is like a translation from one language to another. If it works it carries the essence of the original and adds something, another texture or layer of meaning. At the least it ought to be faithful to the spirit of its origins. The best can create something entirely new, whilst allowing us to hear the debt which is owed to the source.

If any band is ripe for some re-mixing, it is Faust. The elements that combine to form their music have already been through a process involving a stripping down, transformation and reformation both in the studio and in 'live' performance. To offer these elements to those who are influenced by and in sympathy with Faust's working methods seems an ideal situation for both translation and homage.

These remixes of some of the 1999 cd Ravvivando do revitalise an already powerful album and each remixer offers an idiosyncratic take which, in most cases, enhances the original. FreispielFor example, there are three versions of T-Electronique and all show an affinity with the original whilst delivering something fresh. Mathias Schaffhauser's remix opens the album with a sinuous bass groove stretching the rhythm and shifting the textures of the percussion. It lopes along with some dabs of keyboard to remind you of the original. But it is a relaxed and flexible version. Sofa Surfers fuse it with Apokalypse and again construct a tight groove but also layer in some of the harshness of the keyboard. The Residents have an entirely different approach to the track and take it to places which obviously the band approve of.

Another popular choice, Carousel II, doesn't offer any great shift of perspective on Irmler's original giddy organ construction. All three versions are fine but I wondered why they hadn't chosen, perhaps, Ein Neuer Tag to work on instead.

Four Plus Seven Means Eleven in its 1999 form featured not only the guitar and keyboards' monstrous walls of fuzz and distortion but also Zappi Diermaier's trademark titanic drumming. In the Howie B remix Zappi is absent. However, this is a sublime piece of radical restructuring. In place of the storm there is a drone over which shreds of keyboard are injected. There is a limpid, bell-like texture that sometimes becomes stretched out into shimmering threads. It offers a complete contrast to the original. The Dax & Pieper version, however, restores some of the swaggering percussion and barbed attack of the 'The Giant Fuzz Machine' that is characteristic of Faust.

There is only one remix of Wir Brauchen Dich and it's by Dave Ball and Ingo Vauk, collectively, Gel. There are other versions available on a single, if you want to seek them all out. Again, the original was a glimpse into the machinery with its slabs of grinding, driven Faust-funk. The remix presents a slightly cleaned up model where the drive is even more emphatic, due to the crispness of the drum sound. The harsh, visceral layers may have been stripped down, to an extent, but they are piled back on in the final minute. This version still acknowledges its origins and is just as exciting.

With Faust apparently no longer operating as a 'live' unit and given Irmler's interest in remixes this could be the start of whole new seam of work from a band that has never really stopped evolving and exploring. I hope so.

Paul Donnelly, "Freispiel", Tangents 2002
ref: Tangents


Aquarius: Freispiel Review

Legendary krautrock band Faust's 30th anniversary is being celebrated with not free pinball and fireworks, but remixes... The remix cd ep that preceeded this was ok, if unneccessary. Here's the full remix album, with one of that Soft Cell guy's mixes from the ep, plus mixes from other mostly Euro electronica folks (Kreidler, Howie B, Surgeon, Funkstorung among them). Dead Voices On Air and, interestingly, The Residents also appear. All the tracks remixed come from Faust's recent (and quite good) Ravvivando album. Our verdict: still unneccessary, and not ok. But at least the remixers aren't violating classic old '70s Faust tracks, like with Can's Sacrilege remix project. And electronica fans will find this to be a fine electronica comp, like so many others. But Faust fans aren't going to see any improvement over the originals (not to be expected anyway) OR any other reason to listen to's just uninteresting and predictable. Too bad, 'cause Faust are such an interesting band. If they HAD to do a remix album for their 30th, they should have picked artists with more of their eccentric artistic spirit. We'd be more keen on Reynols or Boredoms remixes, maybe Philip Jeck or Aphex Twin...oh well.

Aquarius, "Freispiel Review", Aquarius Records 2002
ref: Aquarius Records