Faust: Noizes From Pythagoras

aka Kisses for Pythagoras, Pythagoras, Pythagoras Legacy


  Noizes From Pythagoras  0.33 
   "I met Tony Conrad again in Atlanta 1994 and we had plenty of time to talk. He told me the story of his music and of La Monte Young. You see those guys recorded many many tapes together but la monte kept all the tapes for himself and refused to give them back to Tony. So tony went to some of his concerts and stood in the entrance with signs saying "La Monte Young, get out of town, NOW !" or "I want to hear my music before I die", "You want to see me die before i hear my music " etc... So i just repeat those lyrics of Tony's and people get angry at me. I don't mind." Jean-Hervé Péron, mail to Fabio
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  Kisses for Pythagoras
   Recorded 1996
from  BBC Sessions

  Pythagoras  8.27 
   Live at The Garage, London 1996
from  Live at The Garage

  Pythagoras Legacy  4.38 
   Collectif Metz, Live 1996
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