Faust: Listen to the Fish

aka Listen, Ecouter le Poisson, Zoe and Fish


  Listen to the Fish  15.24 
   spoken credits on Rien
from  Rien

click to play...  Listen to the Fish  8.48 
   Live at Real Artways, Hartford, 5th May 1994
from  Abzu

from  Impressions

  Listen to the Fish  12.04 
   Collectif Metz, 2005
from  Metz Box

  Ecouter le Poisson  6.30 
   Collectif Metz, Live 1996
from  Metz Box

  Zoe and Fish
   Newcastle Carling Academy, 8th Nov 2005
from  Faust in Autumn

  Listen to the Fish
   live at the Garage, London 2 Dec 1996
from  Nobody Knows if it Ever Happened