Faust: Der Baum

Author : Jean-Hervé Péron


click to play...  Der Baum  3.49 
from  The Faust Tapes  /  Faust: The Wümme Years

click to play...  Der Baum  5.44 
   Jean-Hervé Péron live at the LMC festival
from  Jean-Hervé Live at LMC

  Der Baum  4.17 
   live at the Garage, London 2 Dec 1996
from  Live at The Garage  /  Nobody Knows if it Ever Happened


See her sitting on her chair
when she stops kissing i know she won't care
he opened the door, turned on
the light and it hurt my eyes
taking the kids to bed
they're crying so loud they're breaking my head
see her lying on the grass
must be a nice feeling for her ass
the wind has come
so the leaves, they are gone
feeling like a tree today
and it's a nice feeling, yeah
the wind has come now
so the leaves, they're gone
because the wind has come
see her lying in her bed
must be a nice feeling for her head