1997: Faust: Trafics

Dual single with La Kuizine, sharing one side each. Produced for the Trafics festival. La Kuizine are Dimitri Gabou, Karim Gabou and Frederic Sourice. La Kuizine side produced by La Kuizine. My copy is marked #230/1000.

Images: Trafics Flyer


1997LP3m9Die Stadt 011
10" single


Released: 1997
Recorded: 1997
Werner DiermaierDrumsaka Zappi
Produced: Hans Joachim IrmlerOrgan, Electronics
Steven Wray LobdellGuitar
Lars PaukstatPercussion
Jean-Hervé PéronBass


La Kuizine Side

*Raomem (I'm Naked)
*Damaged Neurone

Faust Side

*Magic Brew3.40
*R BE YR EY II3.09






Benoit Delaune: On the Trafics album

I received this mail from Benoit just after the launch of the new Faust web site:

I just went on a tour in the faust pages. Great new work.

I've seen one light mistake : The LP Trafics was edited for the trafics Festival in Nantes, 1997. At this time Jean-Hervé was just out of the band (he played 60/60 with La Kuizine that night, on a different stage - there were 3 or 4 stages in that large place, an ancient factory), they played as Jochen / Zappi / Steven, and I think Lars Paukstat (a young guy playing some drums). On the Trafics LP, I think the line-up is : Zappi/Jochen/Jean-Hervé/Steven. On the cover is written "...performed by Faust : Werner Diermaier, Hans-Joachim Irmler & Jean-Hervé Péron". So I think you made a mistake on the details for that record. ...anyway this concert in Nantes was a fucking brilliant maelstrom of sounds. My ears remember!


Benoit Delaune, "Trafics", Faust Mailing List 2002
ref: Benoit Delaune