Benoit Delaune

Faust Mailing List, Nov 2002

On the Trafics album

I received this mail from Benoit just after the launch of the new Faust web site:

I just went on a tour in the faust pages. Great new work.

I've seen one light mistake : The LP Trafics was edited for the trafics Festival in Nantes, 1997. At this time Jean-Hervé was just out of the band (he played 60/60 with La Kuizine that night, on a different stage - there were 3 or 4 stages in that large place, an ancient factory), they played as Jochen / Zappi / Steven, and I think Lars Paukstat (a young guy playing some drums). On the Trafics LP, I think the line-up is : Zappi/Jochen/Jean-Hervé/Steven. On the cover is written "...performed by Faust : Werner Diermaier, Hans-Joachim Irmler & Jean-Hervé Péron". So I think you made a mistake on the details for that record. ...anyway this concert in Nantes was a fucking brilliant maelstrom of sounds. My ears remember!


Benoit Delaune, "Trafics", Faust Mailing List 2002

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