2000: Various: Wire Tapper 06

Thanks to Michel Ramond for this info and the scans


2000CDThe WireWire 06


Released: 2000
Werner DiermaierDrumsaka. Zappi
Engineer: Kurt Graupner
Hans-Joachim IrmlerOrgan
Arnulf MeifertDrums
Producer: Uwe Nettelbeck
Jean-Hervé PéronBass
Rudolf SosnaGuitar and Keyboards
Gunter WüsthoffSynthesiser and Sax


*The Fall: Dr. Buck's Letter5:20
*Flanger: Bosco's Disposable Driver5:54
*Susumu Yokota: Kodomotachi4:08
*Ran Blake: Nica's Dream4:20
*Christian Marclay and Otomo Yoshide: Hyoushi4:13
*Sensational: Paper Chase3:08
*General Magic: Rechenexe3:52
*Pan Sonic: Kierto6:14
*Jan Jelinek: They, Them6:22
*Poire_z: hairless_handle5:03
*HIM: Untitled, Live At The Empty Bottle, Chicago7:29
*David Grubbs: Stanwell Perpetual3:30
*Trio Hurricane +1: Initiation (Excerpt)7:29
*Angus MacLise: Universal Mutant 36:17
*Glass Cage: Box Crushed Flat5:03

*Nurse With Wound: P.F.L (Deambulation Mix)5:05
*Faust: So Far (alternative)3.38
  (aka So Far, Not Nearest By, Waiting for Eternity) 
*John Fahey: Dream of the Origin of the French Broad River2:58
*Nils Ykland Straum: 3.253:25
*Coil: A Cold Cell6:24
*Janek Schaefer: Accident Assistant4:54
*Current Ninety Three: Red Hawthorn Tree4:35
*Djivan Gasparyan: Nazani3:43
*Peanut Butter Wolf: Run The Line4:32
*I-Sound: Folded5:11
*BitTonic and Si-{Cut}.db: Recycled 2004:56
*S-Schulz and Hajsch: 65:51
*Tom Recchion: Gentlewomanly Grace (Excerpt)5:11
*Pluramon: Self Remix (Schmickler)4:19
*Hermann Nitsch: Night Music (String Quintett)9:06