2004: Various: Recommended Records USA Sampler

Issued without a sleeve or catalogue number. Many thanks to Michel Ramond for providing the info and images.




Released: 2004
Werner DiermaierDrumsaka. Zappi
Engineer: Kurt Graupner
Hans-Joachim IrmlerOrgan
Producer: Uwe Nettelbeck
Jean-Hervé PéronBass
Rudolf SosnaGuitar and Keyboards
Gunter WüsthoffSynthesiser and Sax


*Faust: Lieber Herr Deutschland **3.23
  (aka Party 4, Lieber Herr Deutschland, Demo) 
*Vril : Freakish Tarpaulin (1:33)
*Lutz Glandien : Two of my Sisters (5:09)
*Musci-Venosta : When a Dolphin Saves a Baby (3:31)
*Fred Frith : Stones (2:07)
*Sun Ra : Cosmo Sun Connection (3:46)
*Cassiber : Gut (3:40)
*The Necks : Excerpt from Drive-By (3:39)
*Kampec Dolores : A Bivaly Hatan (2:30)
*Janet Feder : I Hear Voices (3:25)
*Absolute Zero : Excerpt from Bared Cross (4:43)
*Istvan Martha Sound Diary : Church (3:33)
*The Science Group : Dance of the Arguments (3:20)
*Ground Zero : Excerpt from Consume Red (3:35)
*Peter Blegvad : Magritte (2:05)
*Zga : Downcast Miserable (2:15)
*Boris Kovac : Joy in Manchuria (3:50)
*Haco : Sunday Virgins (3:28)
*EC Nudes : It Might Be Better (2:11)
*Art Bears : Moeris Dancing (5:15)




Party 4

... workers rise up again!
state power to the proletariat!

The future-assured fully-automatic washing machine
must be opened at the top so that you can remove
the ironing-free washing, dripping wet and smooth
from the rinser.

The future-assured fully-automatic washing machine
has a special wash programme for every fabric;
natuarally, the wool mark programme.

The future-assured fully-automatic washing machine
offers you everything that a future-assured
fully-automatic washing machine can offer you,
for example a light panel so you can follow the
wash programme precisely; for example the fully
automatic wahing powder input, so you don't have to
think any more