1982: Various: Recommended Records Sampler

Many thanks to Michel Ramond for providing the info and to Olivier Coiffard for scanning and preparing the cover art


LPRecommendedReR 8/9


Released: 1982
Werner DiermaierDrumsaka. Zappi
Engineer: Kurt Graupner
Hans-Joachim IrmlerOrgan
Producer: Uwe Nettelbeck
Jean-Hervé PéronBass
Rudolf SosnaGuitar and Keyboards
Gunter WüsthoffSynthesiser and Sax


*Vogel : Flaschenzug
click to play...Faust: Party 5 / 25 Yellow Doors **4.29
*Art Bears : All Hail!
*Stormy Six : Reparto Novita
*The Homosexuals : Walk Before Imitate
*Joseph Racaille & Patrick Portella : On Ne Peut Plus Compter Sur Ses Doigts
*Feliu Gasul : *
*The Black Sheep : Strangelove
*Univers Zéro : Influences
*Aksak Maboul / Honeymoon Killers : Boss De Crosses Dans le Doulos
*The Work : Houdini
*Henry Cow : Slice & Viva Pa Ubu
*Decibel : Radio Extract
*Art Zoyd : Simulacres
*The Muffins : 2 From Chronometers
*Heiner Goebbels : Berlin KuDamm 12/4/81
*Amos : Steer Clear Of England
*Conventum : Commerce Nostalgique
*Hector Zazou : Vera C
*This Heat : Pool
*The Residents : Walter Westinghouse
*R.Stevie Moore : Pedestrian Hop & Copy Me
*Ron Pate : I Talk To My Haircut
*Picchio Dal Pozzo : Uccellin Del Bosco
*Robert Wyatt : The Internationale




Party 5 / 25 Yellow Doors

25 yellow doors and the waltz of the pumkin
25 yellow doors and the waltz of the pumkin
we're coming through!!