1999: Various: Enhanced Gravity

[Sleevenotes] Around the year 1687 an unknown artist drew this theatrical illustration about Sir Isaac Newton's theory and law of gravitation (see cover). He titled the nine different variations of gravity as following: A. Absolute Gravity - B. Against Absolute Gravity - C. Partial Gravity - D. Comparative Gravity - E. Horizontal, or Good Sense - F Wit - G. Comparative Levity - H. Partial Levity - I. Absolute Levity, or Stark Fool. This CD represents a ascientific / dadaistic or at least a humourous view to this unique piece of contemporary satire. After about two years of work you will be able to enjoy the results of this research in form of nine music pieces and in the form of a full illustrated multimedia part. This virtual booklet gives you a deep view in physics (or metaphysics) and visualisation of these forms of gravity. Also included is information about the individual participating artists and about this project.

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Released: 1999
Werner DiermaierDrumsaka Zappi
Produced: Hans Joachim IrmlerOrgan, Electronics
Steven Wray LobdellGuitar
Lars PaukstatPercussion
Michael StollBass


Audio CD

*A. Absolute Gravity: Chris Cutler & Bob Drake2.30
*Faust: Against Absolute Gravity4.19
*C. Partial Gravity: Amy Denio & Jim Bennett3.27
*D. Comparative Gravity: Diledadafish4.01
*E. Horizontal, or Good Sense: Noble Gas3.02
*F Wit: Un Drame Musical Instantane3.35
*G. Comparative Levity, or Coxcomb: Pointless Orchestra3.07
*H. Partial Levity, or Pert Fool: Laurie Spiegel5.17
*I. Absolute Levity, or Stark Fool: Steve Horowitz3.13

Multimedia CD (Mac and PC)

*A. Absolute Gravity: Chris Cutler
*Faust: Against Absolute Gravity
Multimedia application
*C. Partial Gravity: Amy Denio
*D. Comparative Gravity: Diledadafish, Meret, Isaac, Franz Zucol & red
*E. Horizontal, or Good Sense: Noble Gas
*F Wit: Un Drame Musical Instantane
*G. Compaqrative Levity, or Coxcomb: Pointless Orchestra, Mike Hovancsek
*H. Partial Levity, or Pert Fool: Laurie Spiegel
*I. Absolute Levity, or Stark Fool: Keesje Fisher & Steve Horowitz