1992: Faust: The Faust Concerts 2

Recorded live at The Marquee, London, 1992. The concert was also reviewed by Edwin Pouncey

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1992CDTable of the ElementsCO 27


Released: 1992
Recorded: live at The Marquee, London, Oct 1992
Werner DiermaierDrumsaka. Zappi
Hans-Joachim IrmlerOrgan
Jean-Hervé PéronBass


*Opening of The Marquee1.25
  (aka On The Way To Abamae, Abamae II) 
*Das (S)tier22.05
  (aka As Tu Ton Ticket?) 
1. As Tu Ton.. 2. Du Rouge De Bleu 3. Dying Pigs
*Viel Obst2.03
  (aka Chère Chambre) 
*Stadtluft **8.16
*Axel Goes Straight **4.38
*Pentatonische Kinderlied **4.17
  (aka Ex::cess) 




Chère Chambre

La vie semblait s'être arrêté là devant le
spectacle muet d'un lendemain d'orgie
deux hirondelles s'étaient depuis
longtemps installées, leur caca clapotant se
desséchait. seul triste, river ne pensait
qu'à penser. de tout facon, comme il disait
lui... et s'était une phrase toujours
interompue. un êclair soudain devait le
saisir. ses mains cherchaient un motif, une
sympathie, n'importe quoi, de la douceur...
depuis toujours et jamias on ne disait
toujours sans songer à l'aube du jour ou le
vent, chaud sons corps, fou ses espoirs et
avec charme il se masturber comme
personne ne pouvait le faire, chaque
mouvement était alors un pas de plus vers
elle. une poignée de coton hydrophile est
un chapeau sur la tête de Kerstin. j'ai senti
tout à coup que le choc était plus que
probable, je n'étais pas supris, je n'avais
pas peur. Rudolf avait freiné trop fortement
et comme il ne conduit pas au même
tempo que les villois... j'étais même curieux
intéressé par les mouvements de la voiture
le paysage évolue dans une autre
dimension. le code de la route est alors
impuissant et dérisoire: la voiture va où elle
doit aller sans respecter les divers
obstacles qui sont ou ne sont pas là ou
ailleurs choc sourd et décevant
accélération centrifuge et tout redevient
normal, normal et amusant. le système de
notre civilisation se montre et tombe très
vite dans l'éfficace inhumain. il y a quand
même le moment ou les deux chauffeurs
males communiquent. tout devient male
Coup de foudre
Kerzen, Tomatensaft
2 * 150 gramm Rindfleisch
Viel Obst, viel Obst, viel Obst
Was zum trinken
Brot, Margarine
Chère chambre tu m'as longtemps regardé
quand j'étais nu sur le lit, quand je restais
sans rien dire, longtemps. tu dois me
connaître maintenant. j'ai vu le monde à
travers les trois yeux. j'ai vécu dans ton
sein, tous mes instants vides, blancs, nuit
yeux ouverts sur des pensées sans fin qui à
force de se retourner perdent ainsi leur
sens, toutes mes humeurs et mes envies
mon échec solitaire quand je peinds si
longtemps chaque matin à grande peine et
sagement. tu dois me comprendre
parceque toi non plus, ta femme quand ca
claque porte, tes coins où passe le vent et
le froid et la catastrophe, quand tu veux
dire que tu ne sais pas. je les connais, je
les ai observés. toi aussi tu t'es ennuyée
ma chambre. maintenent tout à changer.
est-ce-qu'un sentiment trop fort encoumbre
le paysage. il est si tenu et très
transportable. je m'en serts souvent et
beaucoup l'accepte. je vois aussi que
certaines humeurs se répétent éspacées de
plusiers années.
nous devons peut-être accorder nos passés?

Life seemed to have stopped there in front of the dumb spectacle of the day after an orgy,
two swallows had settled for a long time and their excrements dried.
Alone and sad, River just thought of thinking,
in any way as he said,
and it was a sentence always interrupted.
A sudden flash was to seize him.
His hands sought a motive, a sympathy, whatever, tenderness ...
Since always,
and never did one say always without thinking of dawn or of the wind,
his body hot, his hopes distorted
and with charm he masturbated like nobody could do it,
each movement was one more step towards her.
A fistful of hydrophile cotton is a hat on Kerstin's head.
I suddenly felt that the shock was more than likely,
I was not surprised, I was not afraid.
Rudolf had slowed down too hard and as he does not drive with the same speed as the citizens...
I was even curious, intrigued by the movements of the car,
the landscape evolves in another dimension
The highway code then is impotent and ridiculous:
the car goes where it must go without respecting the various obstacles which are or are not there or elsewhere.
Deaf and misleading shock.
Centrifugal acceleration, and all becomes normal again,
normal and amusing.
The system of our civilization shows
and falls very quickly into the inhuman effective.
Anyhow there is this moment when the two male drivers communicate.
All becomes male, sexless.
Candles, tomato juice, two times on hundred and fifty grams of beef;
Much fruit, much fruit, much fruit, much fruit, much fruit, something to drink;
bread, margarine.
Dear room,
you looked at me a long time when I was naked on the bed,
when I remained silent for a long time.
You must know to me by now.
I saw the world through your three eyes,
I have lived in your bosom.
All my empty white moments, nights with eyes open
on thoughts without end
and which by turning over lose direction.
All of my moods and my desires,
my solitary failure,
when I paint for such a long time each morning with so much pain and wisely.
You have to understand me because neither you,
your wife when the door claps,
your corners where the wind and the cold and the catastrophe pass,
when do you want to say that you do not know.
I know them, I did observe them.
You were also bored, my room.
Now everything changed.
Does too strong a feeling encumber the landscape?
It is tense and very transportable.
I often make use of it and very much accept it.
I also see that certain moods repeat
that are several years apart.
Perhaps we have to connect our pasts?

Axel Goes Straight

My amplifier is burning, Klaus....



Faust Concerts 1 / 2

Faust's first concert in the UK for nearly 20 years took place at London's Marquee in 1992. Some of the show is on the second volume of these limited edition CD releases, and it's an accurate documentation of their tentative approach that night. A snatch of taped saxes, a bit of talking, some clanking metal - they were in no hurry to make an impact. When the set got underway, the stops were occasionally pulled out for a jackhammer onslaught which brought a new slant to musique concrète and drove those who were expecting a wide-screen version of 'Krautrock' back to the bar.

The CD is fascinating, although the band often wander into frustratingly vague territories with their skeletal improvisations. But Faust always were the most wilfully idiosyncratic of the early 70's German rock groups and here they sound as out of time as ever, happy to bring a drum, a pile of scrap metal, a guitar or two and a bank of malfunctioning homemade keyboards along to make their sound. Stadtluft leads from a vocal mantra into a motorik riff with Johann (sic) Irmler's keyboards adding clouds of noise. Jean-Hervé Péron leaves the best until last, carving up his stage backdrops with a chainsaw. Nothing new nowadays, perhaps, but they did it first and it still sounds great. (The downside to all this is that the CD's are only available as expensive imports and this one sounds like an average bootleg recording.)

Volume One documents the group's first reunion gig at the Prinzebar, Hamburg in 1990, and is better recorded, the sound more physical and the playing more concentrated, with recognisable sounds from their back catalogue. As on Volume Two, Irmler is ultra-low profile, inaudible for long periods and then popping up to play, for example, a long taped segment from Goréki's "Third Symphony" over an improvisation. That may be a statement of sorts but it sounds too easy. A lot of what's produced here sounds like rough sketches; but even now no one scribbles them quite like Faust.

"Faust Concerts 1 / 2", The Wire 1994, © The Wire
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