Return Of A Legend

Mark Paytress

Record Collector, Nov 1986

Unfortunately, improvised music is still very much a minority interest, even though much os what is done on the fringes is assimilated intot he mainstream, giving new colour and originality to popular music.

Like their contemporaries, Can, Faust have long been regarded as influential by scores of bands and individuals in the late-Seventies, but have received even less credit. In fact, I'm certain that many remember them only for The Faust Tapes, an assortment of snippets and experiments that Virgin issued for a mere 49p back in the early Seventies.

Return of a Legend: Munic and Elsewhere is the band's first album in over twelve years and is a collection of music from various periods of hte band's existence, including some allegedly from the period after their mysterious disappearance from the music scene. For those who believe experimental music always consissts of pianos being assaulted by an assortment of bearded people, then think again. Turn this record up and let your ears enjoy some of the most hypnotic spells conjured up since PiL's "Metal Box", or the best of This Heat, or even the father of them all, Can's "Mother Sky". I refer particularly to the opening tracks on either side, Munic / Yesterday and Munic / Other, which together, take up a sizeable proportion of the album

In a sleeve as eyeball-damaging as The Faust Tapes, the first 1,000 copies of the album are on white vinyl and come with a black inner sleeve. Like many of Faust's earlier releases, Return of a Legend: Munic and Elsewhere is sure to become a collector's item, so get it while you can!

Mark Paytress, "Return Of A Legend", Record Collector 1986