JS Adams (Artbear)

American Bear, Jul 2005

Musical Bearings

European avant-guardians Faust speak a language uniquely their own; burning, tearing and slashing preconceptions on recording technique and composition, advancing the concept of 'studio-as-instrument' in a singular pastiche. An audio cement mixer, twisting shards of jazz, musique concret, rock, Dada and folk into a furious re-assemblage and rediscovery. Limits are non-existent, the band constantly probing the edges of sound: string quartet broadcasts met air-hammer interference; folk melodies are truncated by electronic bursts; questions in French are answered in German. On their first studio effort in over 20 year, Rien (Table of Elements), composer/studio-whiz Jim O'Rourke chores the production tasks. The result is a strangely familiar, yet continued challenging, construction; the welcome return of Faust's personal vocabulary.

JS Adams (Artbear), "Rien", American Bear 2005, © Amabear Publishing

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