Rudolf Sosna

Jean-Hervé Péron

The Faust list, Dec 2004

Image by Rudolf SosnaYes, Rudolf was alive while we re-united and we had him come from Münich where he lived when he left us, to Hamburg where the reunion was happening. He was already deep into alcoholism and I am afraid his mind was already very close to the sky: it might sound romantic but the reality was scary: it was just IMPOSSIBLE to cope with him. He arrived dead drunk at the central station and we had to put him back on that train after 4 or five exchausting days. I now realized it would have been much better if i had taken the time to try and help him. Many years later, I managed to find his last girlfriend. She told me how desperate he was from the longing of being with us again and this was an infernal loop of drinking because he could not manage to stop drinking. I do not think Rudolf lived long enough to experience the interest of a wider audience in our music. As Andy explained it a few days ago, it took a lot of time for our music to be 'salon-fahig' (socially acceptable). But he did not give a shit about others opinion anyway so he would neither bother about critics , positive or negative nor would he be impressed by admiration or rejection: he was moving in his own world.

Jean-Hervé Péron, "Rudolf Sosna", The Faust list 2004

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