Arnulf Meifert

Jean-Hervé Péron

The Faust list, Dec 2004

Arnulf Meifert is one of the eight members of Faust. He was the first one that left (better said, was kicked out of) Faust. My version of the story is in the booklet (accompanying The Wümme Years - ed) I believe. Here again in short: Faust was an amalgam of eight people, and the only thing they had in common was the fact that they belonged to the male species. Besides that, each of us lived in his own little big cosmos: Kurt wore a moustache and did not smoke, Uwe drove fast, talked fast, acted fast, Zappi was a reincarnation of a taxi, Rudolf a blond angel passing by, Wüsthof had a gun, Irmler snailed on transistors, I was naked and Arnulf practiced every single day. Put all this in a monastry, shake well baby, oooh yes, and wha'd'ya get? Fa Fa Fa Fa Fauuuuust!... Arnulf was not only different, he WAS DIFFERENT also... and that's why we kicked him out: because he discussed things, because he had flat buttocks and an absolutely beautiful girlfriend, because he practiced everyday, because he always kept his room neat and woke up every morning to first wet a cloth he'd put in front of his room to keep the dirt out, because he played such a hard 4/4th that we had to travel into the tongue, ready to drop, ding dong is handsome top. When he was gone, I realized I too had kicked him out; me, the beatnik preaching peace and love and understanding and tolerance, me the child of '68. Twenty Five years later Uwe explained why we had to separate from Arnulf. It makes sense but it hurts. Yeah, we all lived in our own little big cosmos.

Jean-Hervé Péron, "Arnulf Meifert", The Faust list 2004

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