Faust IV tracklist

A Pardoe and M Scarrott

Faust Mailing List, 2001

On Faust IV Track Listing

Can't remember who was talking about the track listing on Faust IV, but you're right. I can't believe I've never noticed it. On the CD and vinyl LP, the track Picnic on a Frozen River, Deuxieme Tableaux is wrongly listed as being track 5. It should be track 7, next to last track. All the others are in the right sequence. So Giggy Smile is actually track 5, not 6. Not that any of this matters, really........

Adrian Pardoe, 11th June 2001.

However it is, you're right: Giggy Smile at least is not in order, and I'd never noticed either! I suppose it goes to show that both So Far and Faust IV hang together as complete works and not just a collection of bits, which I've generally played through from start to end without worrying about it. As Adrian said, not that it matters, really.....

Mick Scarrot, 13th June 2001.

A Pardoe and M Scarrott, "Faust IV tracklist", Faust Mailing List 2001