Faust Manifesto

Peter Blegvad & Co

Faust, 1973

This manifesto was issued on Faust's 1972 tour of the UK.


In preparation : a piece to be performed in time, during Faust's forthcoming tour of England. not so much an experience as a situation. to which one is highly subject.


a list called 'thus' on which you and Faust appear also includes the Heisenberg principle, anti-matter, relativity, Hitler, relativity, cybernetics, D.N.A., game theory, etc. "somethings in the air".


this is the time we are in love with. the Absurd was ushered in & seated in the place of honour. this was an attempt to render the absurd impotent. it failed. the Absurd, it is now decided, has medicinal properties, the Absurd, it is now discovered, decides! but that was now, learning to eat time with one's ears. savouring each moment - distinct as a dot of braille. how located the you you see you as is. is that location drawn towards definition by attending to this outrageous cacophony?

this is the time we are in love with. in the midst of Faust-mouzak time ticks like a bomb. in its midst the sour fuse of love is sniffed out and relit again and again! why all this strangeness? the answer is something to do with polishing mirrors to reflect time and love. a reflection has no memory. that is the strangeness of it. but it means nothing.


Faust have mentioned that working as they do in the space between concept & realisation they are in fact doing nothing. Faust would like to play for you the sound of yourself listening.

Then we would have consciousness.

then we could talk about altering that consciousness.

then we could forget about music.

"Hollowing caves of bass with mallets of wool they played, leaving the treble shriek to gel in a slit in the moon they played."

Peter Blegvad & Co, "Faust Manifesto", Faust 1973