Ravvivando :

Tony Aston

Q Magazine, Apr 1999

Ravvivando CDGerman band, Italian album title ("growing faster, moving, reviving"). Growth for Faust means shedding original member Jean-Hervé Péron (he engineered their early-'90s re-formation but fell out with keyboardist Joachim Irmler and drummer Werner "Zappi" Diermaier) and re-nurturing the musique concrete that shaped their four '70s classics. Namely huge bedrocks of looping, mutated riffing, driven by metronomic Diermaier and glued by Irmler's keyboard swathes and unsourceable back-up noise. Where Ravvivando differs from past Faust is its brutal energy (Ein Neuer Tag and Wir Brauchen Dich), and a reduced emphasis on tempo detours, expressive zaniness and bonkers vocal chanting, probably a reult of Péron's absence. It's as inspired, just not revolutionary any more, but if you're keen on something more gutsy and overwhelming than current post-rockers, Ravvivando is your next must-have purchase.

Tony Aston, "Ravvivando", Q Magazine 1999

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