S/T -> Dürmentingen

In August 2003 volunteers from around the world went to Germany to work on the new Faust studios at Scheer. After each day's work people would sit around to eat dinner, then drink into the night out back of the Klangbad HQ in Dürmentingen. On the night of Sunday, Aug 24th, the group S/T, who were also working at the site, played an after-dinner concert in the open air after we had finished our meal.

The group have since released a limited edition recording of the concert with the idea that anyone who wants can make their own copies. They also asked that anyone who did so might maybe design their own cover for the record and send it to S/T to be displayed on their site.

I have made the tracks available here as both SHN's, MP3's and WAV files. Listen to the mp3 versions to preview a track. If you have a slow connection to the internet and want to make your own copy of the album, right click on the mp3 version of each track and select to download the link. If you have a faster connection the best format to download is SHN as it uses lossless compression, so the file sound quality is perfect but the files are smaller. If you do not have a utility to convert from SHN to a standard sound format such as WAV or AIFF, you should be able to find some good freeware and shareware conversion tools online (there is a good Windows conversion tool freely available from here, and a Mac tool available from here, for example.) If you can't convert SHN files, download the WAV files instead - they are of the same high quality but will take you up to twice as long to download.

Please, if you make your own cover for the records please send a copy to S/T and to me, so that i might add it to this page.

WARNING: some of these files are very large indeed. You will need a fast connection to the internet (probably ADSL, T1, etc.) to succesfully download them, and even then it is likely to take some time.

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CD1 / Eins
1. The Story of a Long Distance Flight or Crash 16:36 shn (94.9Mb) mp3 (9.7Mb)
2. My New Mobile 7:46 shn (47.8Mb) mp3 (4.5Mb)
3. Wooly Bully 8:03 shn (83.2Mb) mp3 (4.7Mb)
4. Du Weisst Schon (Faust) 4:56 shn (24.5Mb) mp3 (2.8Mb)
5. What Happens... Happens 5:48 shn (60.0Mb) mp3 (5.1Mb)
6. It's Hot 8:48 shn (49.7Mb) mp3 (5.2Mb)
7. Silver Machine / Flashback Caruso (Faust) 8:17 shn (45.0Mb) mp3 (4.9Mb)
9. All's Well in Our World 9:55 shn (61.9Mb) mp3 (5.8Mb)
CD2 / Zwei
1. The Moon Has Left It's Orbit 20:45 shn (116.6Mb) mp3 (12.2Mb)
2. The fauS/T Party Tape 47:26 shn (215.8b) mp3 (27.8Mb)
3. Wooly Bully (Rehearsal) 7:50 shn (49.3Mb) mp3 (4.6Mb)

Cover Art

Artwork creating by various people for their own copies of s/t -> dürmentingen

Andy Wilson
cover inlay
Andy Wilson: Cover Andy Wilson: Inlay
disc 1 disc 2
Andy Wilson: Disc 1 Andy Wilson: Disc 2
download artwork as sit download artwork as zip