2005: Faust / Zappi Diermaier: Impressions

The DVD contains three previously unreleased tracks. Component originates from the Wümme archive, collected over the years by Zappi. It was mastered in Hamburg in 1990 and revised in 2003. Between 1982 and 1984 Zappi did a lot of experiments at the Peutestudio, where D-Machine and We Need You were created. From the press release: "The DVD features a variety of classic and current Faust assets to produce a DVD experience that will blow the minds of long time Faust fans as well as lovers of new media experiments. Faust Impressions is a full Surround 5.1 experience. Based on 11 classic Faust tracks, three of them being previously unreleased, have been used as the Stereo/Centre base. Thos etracks have been spiced up with additional sounds to create an updated Faust soundscape without losing the classic drive which is a llegend to music lovers around the world. The images on Impressions are raw, wild and organic. Zappi-W-Diermaier has created a perfect visual match to accompany the sound. On top you get an intro which features ca. 5 minutes of legendary film footage from 1971. The first edition of Faust Impressions will include 4 original soundtracks from the currently produced I-SPIN DVD (Zappi-W-Diermaier solo project.)"

Images: Zappi: Impressions




Released: 2005
Recorded: 1972-2004
Produced: Werner DiermaierDrums, all instruments, treatments and video productionaka Zappi


click to play...Zappi Diermaier: D-Machine0.00
Recorded at the Peutestudio
*Faust: Ice Rain **
  (aka It's A Rainy Day (Sunshine Girl), Rainy Day, Stretch Over All Times, Rainy Day, Rainy Day, Rainy Day II, Rainy Day Sunshine Girl) 
click to play...Faust: Why Don't You Eat Carrots?0.00
*Faust: Waiting for Eternity
  (aka So Far, Not Nearest By, So Far (alternative)) 
click to play...Faust: The Sad Skinhead0.00
  (aka The Sad Skin, The Sad Skinhead (Alt), Sad Skin Two, Sad Skin, Fast Head) 
Video prepared by Zappi
*Faust: Desert
  (aka Rien, Plus Rien) 
*Zappi Diermaier: Component0.00
Originates from the Wümme archive, it was mastered in Hamburg in 1990 and revised in 2003
*Faust: Listen
  (aka Listen to the Fish, Ecouter le Poisson, Zoe and Fish) 
*Zappi Diermaier: We Need You0.00
Recorded at the Peutestudio




It's A Rainy Day (Sunshine Girl)

It's a rainy day, sunshine girl
it's a rainy day, sunshine baby

Why Don't You Eat Carrots?

I can't get no satisfaction
all you need is love

slow goes the goose
you see me shoes in your mirror mind
quick goes the trick
I ask your sick sailing sailors blind
I travel into the tongue
ready to drop   ding dong is handsome top 
(Faust / all)findest du das angenehm ? 
(Arnulf) zum überleben reicht das schon
(Faust) du hast dich auch verändert in den letzten Jahren!
(Arnulf) findest du ? 
(Faust) warum bloss? warscheinlich...nae...aber...warum isst du
(Faust) dann nicht Mohrrueben? 
(Arnulf) ja, das waere wirklich schön
(Faust) wollen wir das machen? 
(Arnulf) ja 
(Faust) willst du runter steigen ?
(Faust / all)do you find that pleasant?
(Arnulf) it's enough to survive
(Faust) you've changed in the past few years, too!
(Arnulf) you think so?
(Faust) why then? probably...well...
(Faust) but...why don't you eat carrots?
(Arnulf) yes, that'd be really nice
(Faust) shall we do it?
(Arnulf) yes
(Faust) do you want to climb down?

The Sad Skinhead

Apart from all the bad times you gave me
I always felt good with you
Going places, smashing faces
what else could we do?
Apart from all the good times I gave you
you always felt bad with me
Going places, smashing faces
what else could have happened to us?


C'est rien de Faust....



Keith Moline: Faust Impressions

Thanks to Jim Donnelly for scanning this review

There's a point halfway through Faust's 12 minute fuzz epic Krautrock that constitutes one of the great moments in recorded music. The monolithic, bloated distortion set up by the guitars and electronics is suddenly cleaved apart by Zappi Dierrnaier's massive, threshing drambeat, the music wobbling uncertainly for a few moments until the rhythm is established. It's a perfect example of the ragged fallibility that humanises Faust's work, and it's the aspect of their aesthetic that Diermaier seizes on with his 11 video analogues of tracks, some previously unreleased, culled from various points in their long history.

Great care has been taken with the musical preparation, adding new elements to classic tracks like So Far and It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl; but these are restricted to the outer reaches of the surround sound spectrum, leaving the original music intact. Conversely, sounds from their early years in their communal studio at Wumme have been added to more recent material, making for a cohesive body of work despite its content spanning three decades.

Diermeier's visual work is fearlessly literal. Because Rainy Day reminds him of the Wumme winter when it was recorded, he offers seven minutes of snow footage. In a sly reference to the controversial implications of the term Krautrock, he reclaims the word by presenting the track of the same name as a "hotch potch of scenes just like sauerkraut". The editing and image processing seem at first to be simplistic and intrusive, but somehow it works remarkably well. There's a childlike tastelessness to the visuals that connects perfectiy with Faust's kitchen sink aesthetic. Also included is a 30 minute CD taster for Dierrnaier's next DVD I Spin, featuring evocative street recordings overlaid with his ferocious percussion. Interesting enough, but trying to match the power of Krautrock is an unenviable task.

Keith Moline, "Faust Impressions", The Wire 2005