2003: S/T: s/t -> dürmentingen

Limited Edition of 10 copies. 2 * CD. Recorded live in the garden at the Klangbad HQ at Dürmentingen, August 24th 2003, in front of an audience of Faust personnel, helpers and friends during the work building the Scheer studio. This edition was made as a promo for people to copy and pass on. The group asked everyone who made a copy to also design their own cover and send it back to them for collection. Due to the nature of the performance their are a number of Faust covers here. Jochen Irmler asked the group also to play his 'favourite song', Wooly Bully. Silver Machine was dedicated to the English people at the camp.

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CDSOS (Save Our Sperms)FREESPERM 1


Released: 2003
Horse BadortiesKeyboards, Electronics, Tapes
Martin MillerGuitar, Vocals, Electronics, Tapes



*The Story of a Long Distance Flight or Crash16:36
*My New Mobile7:46
*Wooly Bully8:03
click to play...Du Weisst Schon **4.56
  (aka As You Might Know / Du Weisst Schon, Du Weisst Schon (Funkstorung Remix), Du Weisst Schon (DVonAir Remix)) 
S/T version live at Dürmentingen
*What Happens... Happens5:48
*It's Hot8:48
click to play...Silver Machine / Flashback Caruso8.17
  (aka Flashback Caruso, Caruso, Caruso) 
S/T version live at Dürmentingen
*All's Well in Our World9:55


*The Moon Has Left It's Orbit20:45
*The fauS/T Party Tapes47:26
*Wooly Bully (Rehearsal)7:50




Flashback Caruso

When you leave your place
and walk in someone others garden
suddenly you see
it's a warming colour in your mind to be

It's only a garden made of sandwich
marshmallows jumping around and smiling quiet
inside a stone of cream there is a language
bring our minds together, press them tight

The rainbow bridge sounds flashbacks of Caruso
beyond eleven dreams are dancing girls
for everything you feel there is a do so
your mind it is accepted, you are right